Metro Detroit food review: Crumbl Cookies in Royal Oak, Michigan- Trying the flavors of the week

How the cookie crumbl(e)s… in Metro Detroit

After hearing so much hype over Crumbl cookie’s, I finally got my chance to try them out for myself. Recently a new Metro Detroit location opened near me in Royal Oak, MI, which made giving these cookies a try much easier! I ordered 4 flavors of the week which are switched over every start of the week and decided to see which one was the best. Here are my thoughts:

Flavor one: Carrot Cake

A carrot cake dream! This cookie tastes more like a wonderful bite of cake but I was not mad about it. I ended up trying the carrot cake flavor as my Easter dinner dessert and it did not disappoint. 100% tasted like a piece of carrot cake and I would rate it about 8.5/10.

Flavor two: Cookies and Cream

Okay who doesn’t love a good cookie & creme treat? I think this cookie has great presentation and tasted good but could have used a little more creme flavor to balance out the chocolate. Would eat again so I give it a 7.5/10.

Flavor three: Peanut Butter Muddy buddies

Whether you’ve made your own version of muddy buddies or love the Chex mix varieties, this cookie does the PERFECT job smiling the sweet taste of their peanut butter variety. I initially did not think this would be a top choice but I rate this one 9/10 for its perfect mix of flavors and exact replicated muddy buddy taste!

Flavor four: Milk chocolate chip

The last flavor of the week was lemon bar but unfortunately it was sold out, so I ended up ordered a milk chocolate chip cookie which is one of the flavors offered each week. A true staple, I give this one a 8/10 and would eat everyday with my lunch (or for lunch honestly).

Overall I had a great experience trying out the flavor’s of the week and would recommended trying out a Crumbl location whether your in Metro Detroit or another area! Perfect to bring to a gathering or for a fun night in! I can’t wait to try the new flavors & hope you are inspired to do the same. Check out other local food recs here πŸ™‚

xoxo- Jaime


Best places to go in Metro Detroit for your birthday

Whether you admit it or not, birthdays can be one of the most exciting times of the year & finding the perfect way to spend your birthday or planning someone else’s can be a bit stressful. Hopefully this guide will break down some of the best places to visit in Metro Detroit for a weekend of celebrating. (All opinions are my own).

Brunches to try in Metro Detroit

What better way to fuel up for a busy day of celebration than a delicious brunch? Here are some of my favorite go-to brunches in Metro Detroit that make the perfect start to a birthday weekend:

220 Merrill: if you’re looking for an upscale brunch experience with menu options like sweet and spicy calamari or french toast platters, 220 Merrill in Birmingham is the perfect choice. Brunch menu is offered Sat & Sun (11am-3pm).

Bobcat Bonnie’s: A Ferndale Michigan favorite, Bobcat Bonnie’s offers such a fun and creative atmosphere and the food is to die for. When I tell you it has the best French toast of my life, I mean it! Check out brunch Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm.

Cafe Muse: The first brunch spot I ever tried in Royal Oak & I’ve been going back since! From the stuffed french toast to the mango bellini’s, this place never disappoints. Enjoy brunch here every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am-2pm.

Birthday Dinner in Royal Oak

Bigalora Cucina: located just on the outskirts of downtown royal oak, this Italian gem is worth trying for any special occasion. We tried out the potato croquettes, bacco sausage pizza, and the Bigalora spritz- so good! Weekend hours include Friday – Saturday, 11am – 10pm and Sunday 12pm-9pm.

Pinky’s Roof top: Not going to lie, Pinky’s is the most extra and I’m all about it. From the glass chandeliers to cotton candy desserts this place is a dream come true with the cutest drink options and delicious appetizers to share! Open weekends from 4pm to 1am.

Where to find activities

Top Golf: whether you love to golf or you’ve never touched a golf club, this place is an absolute blast! Top golf in Auburn Hills offers 3 levels of bays with various golf games for all levels. They offer food & drink options and are open Sunday-Thursday 10am-11pm and Friday & Saturday 10am-12am.

Detroit Axe: hear me out… throwing axes is actually so much fun and less dangerous than it sounds. Either reserve a lane or choose to walk in with up to 8 people in a group. You will be assigned an instructor who will give you tips and tricks during the practice round so you’re ready when the big competition comes along! Open Friday and Saturday from 4pm-12 am and Sunday 4pm-9pm.

Don’t skip dessert!

Birthday cake: I was obsessed with the cake I ordered for my Boyfriend’s 30th birthday from Venla’s cake shop. Venla’s offers adorable, customizable layer cakes offering local delivery to the Metro Detroit area.

The morning after…coffee, coffee, coffee

Sabbath Coffee Roasters: My absolute favorite coffee shop located in Clawson, Mi never disappoints. Stop in to try their fresh ground coffee or creative speciality drinks. Need a little sugar boost? Try out Cannelle croissants and Dooped donuts available on weekends. Sabbath is open everyday from 7am-4pm.

Royal Oak Roast: from the aesthetic of the coffee shop to printable latte art, this cafe offers fun and creative drinks and delicious breakfast options. Located in the Griffen Apartments near downtown, check out Roast daily from 7am-7pm.


Hope you enjoyed the read and have gained a few ideas for your next birthday celebration or any occasion! All of these places are wonderful and worth trying out at some point when visiting the metro Detroit area!

XOXO, Jaime (@mydaybyjay)

Parisian-inspired coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan οΏΌ

A quick trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday called for trying a latte at The Bradbury Cafe. Located inside in the gorgeous Stoffer Home on Wealthy Street, this cafe has dreamy decor and drinks. You don’t even have to be a coffee lover to enjoy your time here!

This place is truly a Grand Rapids hidden gem and the ambiance in of intimate coffee shop is amazing (I want to live there). I ordered a whole milk latte, which was so delicious + how good is this latte art? Aside from a latte, they also offer many other coffee drinks and tea including:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cortado
  • Flat white latte
  • Latte
  • Matcha Latte
  • Espresso Tonic
  • Iced tea

The Bradbury Cafe would make the perfect spot for a study session, chatting up with a friend over a cup of coffee, or just for an excuse to get dressed up and take photos. Once I start school back up this summer I will definitely be coming back for more coffee when visiting my family in Grand Rapids on the weekends!

Other places in the area you might want to check out on Wealthy Street include:

  • Donkey Taqueria: my favorite restaurant for delicious Mexican food for their infamous prickly pear margaritas.
  • Royals: If you’re staying for the weekend, be sure to stop and grab some brunch at Royals GR- they have delicious giant cinnamon rolls and delicious eggs Benedict.

SO many place to check out in the area but the Bradbury Cafe is a must-try if you’re in the East Grand Rapid area!

XOXO Jaime @mydaybyjay

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