New name, same blog! Life recently as a new PTA graduate & what’s to come on the blog 🤍

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Now you might be thinking…okay, why the new name?

Well, when I first launched my blog and socials for pta_jay I was just beginning my journey as a PTA student. When I wasn’t studying, I was forcing myself to record workouts/ post whatever I could in my limited free time.

Now that I am done with school & starting a new job, I’m ready & excited to continue sharing my ventures more consistently. But, I want to share more of my life outside of physical therapy, which is why I have renamed my blog & socials: My day by Jay– to focus on all things lifestyle, food/drink and wellness.

What kind of content will I be seeing?

I plan to keep blog relevant to ALL of my interests and the types of content I create. My journey with instagram and blogging over the past year 1 1/2 has showed me what I truly love to share and do, not only as a healthcare professional but as a 20-something exploring metro Detroit. I have created great connections in the physical therapy world, other local foodies, and have gotten to work with some really great brands.

Now, if you’re new to my page let’s get aquatinted (& if you’ve been following thank you so so much):

Let’s get to know each other!

  • I’m Jaime! I am a Michigan native from Caledonia and am currently living in the Metro Detroit area.
  • I have been working for as a licensed PTA for one month at a outpatient orthopedic clinic serving both English and Arabic speaking patients.
  • I’m a nicer human when I’ve had my coffee!!!
  • I am ALWAYS down for brunch at all times & love trying new brunch spots on the weekend.
  • Exercise is the best medicine and my favorite forms of exercise are spinning, pilates, weights, and running (depending on the time of year lol).
  • I aim to inspire others to live healthy, balanced lifestyles without having to sacrifice the things they love!

Enough about me, I want to know you better! Comment below your name, where you’re from, and you favorite things to do in your free time 🙂

XOXO #mydaybyjay

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